Are EMFs Hindering Your Ability to Heal?

Are EMFs Hindering Your Ability to Heal?

As part of our specific protocol to healing the body, one of the areas we tackle is EMFs (otherwise known as EMR, electromagnetic radiation). Our exposure to electromagnetic fields/radiation can do a lot of damage in our bodies, which is important to minimize and release from our cells.

Since EMFs are still a newer topic in the health space, we’re breaking down the topic based on research and what we’ve worked on with clients at Thrive Health.

What are EMFs?

Electromagnetic fields might seem like a new concept, but they’ve been around since the beginning of time. Prior to mankind’s discovery of how to generate electricity, our bodies were only exposed to natural EMFs. Today, we’re exposed to unprecedented levels of man-made electromagnetic frequencies from things like radios, microwave ovens, wireless technologies and high-performance computers.

While the safety of these frequencies is still under study, a lot of emerging research suggests that all EMFs may be damaging our health – from increasing the risk of cancer, to reducing our ability to heal from chronic illness.

Electromagnetic frequencies occur:

  • Close to electrical currents1
  • When nuclear reactions happen (when the sun creates energy)
  • When atoms absorb different kinds of energy – in the form of heat or other EMFs

Man-made EMFs, which are the frequencies we’ll be talking about in today’s post, are generated through one of these methods to create electromagnetic solutions that are beneficial to us in some way – perhaps by creating microwave radiation or radio waves.

Electromagnetic fields can be emitted from anything that uses voltage, such as your wiring at home, extension cords, or your smartphone. The National Institute of Environmental Health2 identifies electromagnetic fields into two distinct categories:

  • High-frequency EMF radiation: These are EMFs that have a higher frequency than visible light, such as gamma radiation, X-Rays, and UV light.
  • Low-frequency radiation: These are EMFs that have lower frequencies than visible light, such as microwave ovens, visible light, computers, Wi-Fi, smartphones, power lines, Bluetooth, and MRIs.

Electromagnetic fields surround you on a daily basis. They’re in your power lines, your metal plumbing, and all the wireless communications that you use to stay connected with friends and family. Unfortunately, these frequencies are more dangerous than you might think3.

The human body is made up of a complicated system of electromagnetic frequencies. In 1969, a doctor named David Cohen4 identified the magnetic fields used by the brain and the heart. Our heart and nervous system both run on biological electricity, which is why it’s possible to shock a dead heart back into action with a defibrillator.

The electromagnetic signals that we produce naturally are very weak in comparison to the man-made EMFs that we’re exposed to every day. Meaning that frequent exposure to everything from your laptop to your smartphone interferes with the natural rhythms inside the body. In other words, the currents that keep your heart, brain, and other systems running are all damaged by the impact of EMF interference.

It’s worth noting that it’s not just your heart and brain that are impacted by electromagnetic frequencies either. Your liver enzymes5 and mitochondria6 are both affected by electrical signals too. While we have evolved to manage the natural EMFs from the sun and the earth – syncing up with our biological rhythms – we are not prepared to manage the electrical magnetic frequencies that we’ve created ourselves. That means that we’re exposing ourselves to constant inflammatory problems.

Just some of the problems caused by EMF exposure include:

  • An increased risk of cancer7
  • Depression and trouble focusing
  • Limb and muscle aches
  • Nervous system issues
  • Eye problems and burning
  • Digestive system damage
  • Infertility and sexual problems

The human body responds to man-made EMFs in the same way that it would respond to an invading virus.  This means that EMFs create something called “subliminal stress”.8  This is a type of stress that responds to everyday occurrences without recognizing it.  It results in some of the following symptoms: 

  • Systems that might not be necessary for flight or fight response are put on pause, such as immunity and digestion. This means that we stop repairing cells and healing our bodies.
  • Heart rate and blood pressure start to increase, preparing the body for the onset of danger.
  • Decrease in the flow of oxygen and blood throughout the body, besides in major organs like the heart or brain.

The subliminal stress of EMFs makes it impossible for us to heal as we should. Not only are we more likely to suffer from illnesses for longer, but acute diseases may quickly transform into chronic conditions. In recent years we’ve seen a significant rise in chronic and autoimmune diseases that seems to coincide with an increase in the use of devices sporting EMFs.

Today, the World Health Organization considers chronic disease to be the major cause of all death and disability around the globe. More experts than ever before are now beginning to link the persistence in chronic illness to increased exposure of man-made of EMFs, and the fact that our body cannot continue to heal itself9 as normal when it’s exposed to increased inflammation and subliminal stress.

Your Immune System and Electromagnetic Fields

Over the years, scientists learned that exposure to radiation leads to ongoing inflammation and immunosuppression10 in the body. This inflammation might begin with allergies and move on to autoimmunity. Because the immune system is firing on all cylinders to combat EMF exposure, it cannot respond to intruders – diseases you’re exposed to – effectively, making it easier for diseases to progress faster and require more effort to heal from.

EMFs are dangerous in terms of healing and immunity because they trick the body into thinking it’s infected with something – such as a virus. This process leads to inflammation, and the stress mentioned in the paragraph above. Gradually, EMFs can begin to build up inside of the body similarly to any other toxin, and this can lead to a dangerously weakened immune system.

Radiation can also lead to a process known as myelosuppression11. This is an incident that happens when the blood cell output from bone marrow is reduced. Because the body has access to fewer white blood cells – which are essential for healing and immunity, it becomes harder to fight back against illness and disease.

A damaged immune system, combined with ongoing inflammatory stresses, reduced white blood cells, and shrinkage in the thymus gland12 caused by frequent exposure to radiation, leads to an overall problem with healing that can be practically impossible to overcome without first managing the issue of EMF exposure.

Keep in mind, it’s not just the white blood cells that are damaged by Electromagnetic fields. Red cells are reduced too13, which also have a part to play in the healing process. If you’re suffering from a lower than normal platelet count, you may discover that blood can’t clot as easily, increasing your chances of infection, and other issues that might prolong the presence of a wound or illness.


Electromagnetic sensitivity can reduce the quality of life for people exposed to frequent EMFs.

Over numerous years of study, some governments have begun to learn more about the way electromagnetic frequencies work.  For instance, the Swedish government has begun to implement a health limit for exposure to EMF fields, which helps to protect their society from too much dangerous radiation. Unfortunately, as of this time, no such standard has been implemented by the United States government. Yet, the Swedish standard is quickly becoming accepted by other countries around the world. The World Health Organization has even published a guideline for EMF safety14.

Though the research into EMFs is still ongoing, many studies have learned that too much exposure could lead to hormone imbalances15, adrenal fatigue, frequent illness, brain fog, insomnia, and more. There are also some people in the world who are particularly susceptible to facing more severe symptoms as a result of EMF exposure. These people are known as having “electromagnetic sensitivity”. This is a condition that’s characterized by a range of different symptoms, and a significant discomfort around electromagnetic fields.

According to WHO, there are only a few people in the world with electromagnetic field sensitivity, yet at the same time, various surveys into self-help groups16 have discovered that up to 10% of all EHS cases are deemed as severe.  One of the most common signs that you may be suffering from electromagnetic sensitivity, is a problem with your healing process, or dermatological issues. Some people might feel warmness or heat when they’re exposed to EMF radiation in a specific part of their bodies. Other people find that they suffer from burning sensations throughout their entire body.

The Path to Healing Begins with the Removal of EMF Exposure

If EMF exposure prevents the body from healing, then there’s a good reason to believe that removing your exposure to EMFs could help you to overcome everything from slight illnesses to chronic diseases faster. The truth is that it might not be possible for us to completely avoid any exposure to man-made EMFs, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t limit your exposure, and therefore boost the healing process again.

For instance, one simple solution may be to avoid living near any strong source of EMF radiation. Although even small sources of EMF can cause health risks, larger sources are even more worrisome. For instance, you may need to avoid living too close to radio stations, smart meters, electrical generators, electrified train tracks, and power lines. One study conducted by Italian researchers17 found that children and adults who live within 3km of high-power radio stations are at a higher risk of developing cancer than others.

There are also numerous other ways that you can cut down the amount of EMF radiation that you’re exposed to at home. For instance, here are just some of the things that you can do boost your healing factors, and keep EMF exposure at bay wherever you are:

  • Keep your devices and appliances off whenever you’re not using them. Don’t just leave your television running or your microwave on at all hours of the day. Even if it’s just “on standby” it can still be harmful.
  • Consider using hard-wire internet connections instead of Wi-Fi, and avoid using anything from the IoT range of products, such as refrigerators that are linked to the internet.
  • Make sure that all your electrical wiring at home was done by a professional electrician, to reduce your risk of EMFs. You might also want to get an audit done if you’re moving into a new property.
  • Keep any electronic devices away from your body whenever possible. This means that if possible, you might benefit from using headphones to make phone calls, rather than hold your phone next to your ear.
  • Don’t sleep next to your smartphone. Remember, though 44% of people18 currently sleep beside their cellphone, this will expose you to ongoing EMFs throughout the night, which could lead to ongoing problems with immunity and healing.
  • Try using regular digital detoxing days and make sure that you filter out dirty electricity with the use of dirty electricity filters.

These days, with so many new smartphones on the market, and more IoT devices predicted to enter the everyday space than ever before, it can feel as though it’s practically impossible to avoid the negative effects that EMF exposure could have on our health. While the truth is that you’ll never be able to avoid EMFs entirely, there are many ways that you can avoid the impact of these dangerous signals, and even mitigate some of the negative effects. For instance, remember that:

  • Eating nutritious diets that are high in antioxidants could help you to fight back against some of the free radicals and oxidative stress caused by EMF exposure on a daily basis.
  • Exposing yourself to negative ions such as moving water, negative ion generators, or Himalayan salt lamps could help you to reduce the impact of EMF radiation.
  • Grounding yourself could be useful, as it allows you to neutralize positive ions that you’re constantly exposed to from your electronic devices.

If you’ve been battling health challenges with no solution, remember this is not a typical conversation you’re going to have with your medical provider, yet it could be a key piece to your healing.

Interested in learning more about how health coaching has helped people navigate weight loss, more energy, sustained health, and correct supplementation? Fill out the application here to see if working with Thrive Health is a good fit for you!


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